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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (05.24.17)

Aero-News 5/23 12:47P
Professional Helicopter Pilot's Association The mission statement of the PHPA is to Promote safety and understanding among helicopter pilots.

Aero-News: Quote of the Day (05.24.17)

Aero-News 5/23 12:42P
"Agricultural aviators are deeply concerned about their ability to fly safely in air space where pilots could encounter any unmanned aircraft, be it commercial or otherwise."...

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Cessna 185

Aviation Consumer 5/17 10:36P
These days, there is no shortage of aircraft marketed as backwoods utility machines. The short list includes Maule, CubCrafters, Aviat and American Champion. But in the world...

Garmin G5 DG/EHSI: Low Cost, STC Limited

Aviation Consumer 5/17 10:36P Larry Anglisano
As a follow-on product to the STC d G5 electronic attitude indicator, Garmin s G5 electronic directional indicator is taking sizable criticism because the instrument doesn t...

Oil System Upkeep: Control Heat and Flow

Aviation Consumer 5/17 10:36P Aviation Consumer Staff
The oil system on most light aircraft engines is simple and mostly effective. Most systems are of a wet sump, low-pressure design. Typically, the oil reservoir (or sump) is...

O2 Concentrators: Inogen Aviator Is Tops

Aviation Consumer 5/17 10:36P Paul Millner
There are good reasons to make oxygen available at altitudes less than those recommended by the FAA. Face it, unless you re using a pulse oximeter on every flight (we...

Cirrus SR20 Re-engined: Simpler, Lighter

Aviation Consumer 5/17 10:36P Larry Anglisano
For the 2017 model year, Cirrus released the G6 SR20, which gets both an avionics upgrade and a new IO-390 Lycoming engine. Cirrus said its decision to re-engine the...

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