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AD: GROB Aircraft AG Gliders

Aero-News 4/27 12:07P
AD NUMBER: 2017-08-12 PRODUCT: GROB Aircraft AG Models GROB G 109 and GROB G 109B gliders.

ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (04.28.17)

Aero-News 4/27 12:06P
International Aviation Records Since the beginning of aviation, pilots have always tried to surpass themselves, to fly further, faster and higher.

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Aviation Consumer 4/26 11:26P
Back in the day as in 1939 the Ercoupe was designed to be exceptionally safe by making it resistant to stalls and spins. But the airplane racked up a number of firsts,...

Autopilot STC Update: TruTrak, Trio Are Close

Aviation Consumer 4/26 11:26P Larry Anglisano
If you ve been waiting for a cheaper FAA-approved retrofit autopilot you might not have to wait much longer. In fact, you can even have your shop begin the installation. This...

Garmin inReach: Mapping, SMS-Capable

Aviation Consumer 4/26 11:26P Larry Anglisano
In February 2016, Garmin purchased Maine-based DeLorme the maker of topo maps and the inReach portable two-way Iridium-based satcomm navigator. The inReach tech was a good...

The CFI Rating: Getting It, Using It

Aviation Consumer 4/26 11:26P Rick Durden
We ve been following the debate over the existence of a pilot shortage with some interest. We think that one piece of evidence has shoved the needle to the Yep, there is one...

Bristell NG5 Another LSA Speedster

Aviation Consumer 4/26 11:26P Paul Bertorelli
Is there a value proposition in an airplane that cruises two-thirds as fast as a near million-dollar Cirrus, uses only one-quarter the fuel and costs one-fifth as much? The...

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