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Top Stories:   ➊U-2 Crashes In California, Pilot Killed (Tuesday),   ➋ForeFlight Ending Support For Old Devices (Friday),   ➌Short Final (Monday),   ➍Slow Flight in the Real World (Saturday),   ➎New Aviation Show Set For West Africa (Tuesday)

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Short Final

AVwebBiz 9/26 1:18A
JAX Approach: American 123, airport 11 o'clock, 8 miles.

F-117s Back In The Air

AVwebBiz 9/25 9:18P Russ Niles
The F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter may be the latest example of the U.S. military resurrecting a retired aircraft type.

NavWorx Disputing FAA Rebate Rejection

AVwebBiz 9/25 9:18P Russ Niles
NavWorx says it is working to resolve an issue with the FAA, which is refusing to process $500 rebate reservations for two models of transceivers the company makes.

Aviation Advocate Arnold Palmer Dies

AVwebBiz 9/25 9:18P Russ Niles
Golf legend Arnold Palmer, one of business aviation's most prominent cheerleaders, died Sunday in Pittsburgh at the age of 87.

Three Die In Fly-Out Midair

AVwebBiz 9/25 7:18P Russ Niles
Three people were killed when two aircraft collided in North Collins, south of Buffalo, Sunday morning.

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